Uniden Scanner Serial Numbers

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Since the introduction of the BC250D scanner Uniden has used a standardized 11-digit serial number protocol as follows:

  • 123456789AB
  • 383Z8812345

It is known that the BC780XLT did not use this protocol so it was likely instituted about 2001 with the follow up BC785D and BC250D which did.

The first three characters (in our example "383" indicate the model number, in this example an SDS100.

The fourth character seems to always be a "Z" for scanners, it is possible that this is indicative of the scanner product line.

The fifth character is the year code, in our example is an "8" so that would indicate a 2018 manufacture date. Depending on the scanner model this could also indicate 2008.

The sixth character is the factory code. These are the known codes used:

  • 2 Beta/Engineering
  • 4 China
  • 6 Philippines
  • 8 Vietnam

Characters 7 thru 11 comprise the sequential serial number of the product. In our example the serial number would represent the 12,345th radio of that model type manufactured, assuming that the numbers were applied in the order in which the radio was manufactured.

Missing number series could be used for other product lines like CB and 2-way radios or perhaps internally for projects that may not have made it to a product release.

This is not to be confused with the Electronic Serial Number ("ESN") used on certain Uniden scanners for mode upgrades like DMR, NXDN and ProVoice. This number is similar to the physical serial number but is all numeric (no letters) and 14 characters. For example an SDS200 ESN would be 384260xxxxxxxx. A 3-character alphanumeric "SUM" code follows the ESN with a dash, eg: 384260xxxxxxxx-1A3. The SUM code is used as a check-digit to verify the ESN. HomePatrol units have a dash in the ESN between characters 5 and 6.

The ESN is found by pressing Menu>Settings>See Scanner Information>Firmware Version on most scanners, on HomePatrol units it is obtained by pressing Menu>Advanced Menu>Version Information.

Series Model Nr Year Introduced
300Z BC120XLT 1999
303Z SC200 2000
304Z BC278CLT 1999
305Z BC780XLT 2000
310Z ScanOcular 2000
315Z BC250D 2001
316Z BC785D 2003
317Z BC350C 2004
318Z BCT8 2004
319Z BC296D 2003
320Z BC796D 2003
322Z BC898T 2004
323Z BC72XLT (China Made) 2004
323Z BC95XLTB 2006
326Z BC246T 2004
327Z Pro83 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2004
328Z BCD396T 2005
330Z BR330T 2005
331Z PRO2051 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2004
335Z BCD996T 2006
336Z BCT15 2006
337Z BC340CRS 2006
338Z BC370CRS 2006
344Z PRO528 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2006
345Z PRO-433 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2006
348Z BC95XLTB (SN is 323Z, Product ID is 348) 2006
350Z PRO-162 (Private Label for Radio Shack 2007
351Z PRO-160 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2007
352Z PRO137 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2007
353Z PRO135 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2008
354Z PRO-136 (Private Label for Radio Shack) 2008
358Z BC346XT 2009
359Z BCD39xXT (SN is 328Z, Product ID is 359) 2009
360Z BCD996XT 2009
361Z BCT15X 2009
362Z BC355C 2010
363Z HomePatrol-1 2010
365Z BC72XLT (Vietnam Made) 2011
365Z BC355N 2011
370Z BC125AT 2012
371Z BC345CRS BC365CRS 2012
372Z BC75XLT 2013
375Z BCD536HP 2014
376Z BCD436HP 2014
377Z HomePatrol-2 2014
378Z BCD996P2 2015
379Z BCD325P2 2015
383Z SDS100 2018
384Z SDS200 2019
385Z SR30C 2019

The following domestic and international models were also built during the 2001 to current time frame and likely carry a serial number in this protocol. Please edit them into the list as information is found:

  • UBC800XLT (Similar to the BCT15X)
  • BC365CRS
  • UBC30XLT
  • UBC3500XLT
  • SC230
  • UBC3000XLT (Similar to the BC250D)