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Indiana's Scanner Law is codified in Indiana Code 35-44-3-12. Basically, it is illegal in Indiana to carry a radio capable of receiving police frequencies in your vehicle or on your person in public. Exceptions are made for law enforcement officers, emergency services workers, firefighters, licensed amateur radio operators, registered members of the media, and those with written permission from a chief of a law enforcement agency.

Interstate 64

Enters Indiana from White County, Illinois

Exits to Jefferson County, Kentucky

Interstate 164


Enters Indiana from Jefferson County, Kentucky

Terminates as it meets I-80/I-90 Indiana Toll Road

Interstate 265

Interstate 465

Interstate 865

Interstate 69

Upon completion, 1-69 will enter Indiana from Kentucky

Temporary South Terminus

Temporary Gap

I-69 exits Indiana in Branch County, Michigan

Interstate 469

Interstate 70

I-70 enters Indiana from Clark County, Illinois

I-70 exits Indiana for Preble County, Ohio

Interstate 74

I-74 enters Indiana from Vermillion County, Illinois.

I-74 exits Indiana to Hamilton County, Ohio

Interstate 80/Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road)

Illinois State Line to Ohio State Line


Illinois State Line to Michigan State Line


Evansville Bypass


New Albany-Jeffersonville Bypass


Cincinnati Bypass


Indianapolis Bypass


Fort Wayne Bypass

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