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U.S. Department of Defense TRS
System Name U.S. Department of Defense
System Type Project 25 Phase I
System ID BEE00-14C
Connect Tone N/A
Network Access Code 140
Band 380
Agency Department of Defense
City Multiple
County Multiple
State AL, AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MS, NV, NJ, PA, RI, SC, TX, UT, VA & WA

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Welcome to the U.S. Department of Defense collaboration article, a military trunked radio system located in AL, AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MS, NV, NJ, PA, RI, SC, TX, UT, VA & WA.
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System Notes

All sites have been assigned "Zones" respective to their network. With Uniden scanners this is the first digit of the site number (i.e., 301 means Zone 3, Site 1). GRE scanners announce the Zone (R###) and the Site number separately.

RFSS # Location(s)
1 Florida, North-West Pan-handle Sites
2 Southeast US Sites
3 Southern California (29 Palms) /North East / Midwest Sites
4 Virginia Sites
5 Southern California (MCB Camp Pendleton & NWS Fallbrook) Sites
6 Catania, Italy Sites
7 Nagasaki-ken, Japan Sites
9 Coffee, Tennessee
99 Pierce, Washington Sites

NAC for this system is $140.

Based on monitoring the RFSS 5 sites associated with Camp Pendleton are now reported by west coast monitors as Project 25 Phase II sites. There is no additional information on the rest of the systenm at this time, so they should still be loaded as Phase I systems.

Regional Fire Dispatch

Fire Stations

  • 1## NAS Jacksonville, FL
  • 2## NS Mayport, FL
  • 3## NCBC Gulfport, MS
  • 4## NAS Panama City, FL
  • 5## NAS Meridian, MS
  • 6## NAS Pensacola, FL
  • 7## NAS Whiting Field, FL
  • 8## NAS JRB New Orleans, LA
  • 9## NAS Key West, FL
  • 10## NAS Corpus Christi, TX
  • 11## NAS Kingsville, TX
  • 12## NAS Fort Worth JRB, TX
  • 13## NSB King Bay, GA
  • 14## NSA Millington, TN

Navy Regional Dispatch System

The Navy has gone to a "regional dispatch center" concept with each domestic naval station/base falling into regions for Security (Police)/Fire/EMS. ALL 911 and non-emergency calls now flow into the regional dispatch centers where call takers process the calls and send to the appropriate dispatcher. Due to this, the primary/dispatch channels of several bases are patched together and corresponding TAC channels are unpatched for local use (EX. Jacksonville/Mayport/Gulfport/Meridian/Fort Worth fire dispatch on common channel). Units are dispatched on primary and sent to TAC for the call. The following is a list of bases and which region they fall into:

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (Based at Norfolk)

  • NSA Saratoga Springs NY
  • NAVSTA Newport RI
  • NSA Hampton Roads VA
  • WPNSTA Yorktown VA
  • NSA Oceana VA
  • SubBase New London CT
  • WPNSTA Earle/Colts Neck NJ
  • NAVSTA Great Lakes, IL
  • JEB Little Creek-Fort Story VA
  • NSA Mechanicsburg PA
  • NSS Norfolk VA
  • NSY BOS Portsmouth NH
  • NSA Crane IN

Naval District Washington DC (Based at NSA Washington DC (Washington Navy Yard))

  • NSA South Potomac
  • NAS Patuxent River MD
  • NSA Annapolis MD
  • NSA Bethesda
  • NSA Washington DC
  • NSF Thurmont
  • Joint Base Anacostia Bolling

Navy Region Southeast (Based at NAS Jacksonville)

  • NAS Jacksonville
  • NS Mayport
  • NSA Charleston SC (Dispatched on USAF System)
  • NSA Beaufort SC (Dispatched on USMC System)
  • NAS Pensacola FL
  • NAS Whiting Field FL
  • NAS Corpus Christi TX
  • NAS Kingsville TX
  • NASJRB Fort Worth TX
  • NASJRB New Orleans LA
  • NSA Orlando (Independent Dispatch)
  • NCBC Gulfport MS
  • NS Guantanamo Bay (Independent Dispatch)
  • NAS Meridian
  • NSA Mid-South Millington TN

Fire Stations

   1## NAS Jacksonville
   2## NS Mayport
   3## NCBC Gulfport
   4## NAS Panama City
   5## NAS Meridian
   6## NAS Pensacola
   7## NAS Whiting Field
   8## NASJRB New Orleans
   9## NAS Key West
   10## NAS Corpus Christi
   11## NAS Kingsville
   12## NASJRB Fort Worth
   13## NSB Kings Bay
   14## NSA Mid-South

Fire Unit Callsigns (ex. 101, 103)

   #0# - Fire Chiefs 
   #2# - Engine
   #3# - Ladder/Tower
   #4# - ARFF
   #6# - Rescue Squad, Foam Tender, Other special units
   #7# - Ambulance/Rescue
   #9# - Fire Prevention Units

Navy Region Southwest (Based in San Diego)

  • NS San Diego
  • NB Point Loma
  • NB Coronado
  • NAF El Centro
  • NAS Lemoore CA
  • NB Ventura County
  • NWS Seal Beach
  • NSWC Corona
  • NAS Fallon NV
  • NSA Monterey
  • NAS China Lake

Navy Region Northwest (Based at NB Kitsap)

  • NAS Whidbey Island
  • NB Kitsap
  • NM Indian Island
  • NS Everett

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