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Important Notes

Interstate Highways

I 24

I 24 Begins in Williamson County as an exit from I 57 and travels SSE into McCracken County, Kentucky after it crosses over the Ohio River.
I 24 travels through:

I 39

I 39 is a North South road traveling SB out of Rock County, Wisconsin and terminates at I 55 in Normal.
I 39 travels through:

I 55

I 55 travels NE from St. Louis County, Missouri Metro Area to the Chicago Area.
I 55 travels through:

I 155

I 155 begins in Morton as a departure from I 74 and travels SB to Morton where it meets I 55. I 155 travels through Tazewell County and Logan County.

I 255

I 255 is a bypass of St. Louis that enters Illinois from St. Louis County, Missouri and travels through Monroe County, St. Clair County and Madison County.

Business Loop 55 (Springfield)

Business Loop 55 creates the North and West portions of the loop around the Springfield Metro Area. It is wholly located in Sangamon County.

Business Loop 55 (Lincoln)

Business Loop 55 travels directly through Lincoln and Leaves and Enters Lincoln on the SW and NE corners of the city, respectively. It is located wholly in Logan County.

Business Loop 55 (Bloomington-Normal)

Business Loop 55 creates the South and East portions of the loop around the Bloomington/Normal Metro area. It is wholly located in McLean County.

I 57

I 57 travels generally SSW from the Chicago Area and terminates 12 Miles into Missouri after it travels through Mississippi County, MO and Scott County, MO.
I 57 Travels through

I 64

I 64 enters Illinois from St. Louis County, Missouri and travels EB across Illinois until it leaves into Jefferson County, Kentucky.
Travels through

I 70

I 70 crosses the Mississippi from St. Louis County, Missouri concurrently with I 44, I 55 and I 64 and travels ENE across Illinois until it enters Vigo County, Indiana.
I 70 travels through:

I 270

I 270 is part of the northern beltline of the St. Louis Metro Area. It enters from St. Louis County, Missouri and terminates in Illinois when it meets up with I 70 in Madison County.

I 72

I 72 is a West to East road that enters Illinois from Marion County, Missouri and ends in Champaign County.
I 72 travels through (West to East):

I 172

I 172 is a sput of I 72 the runs North from I 72 in Fall Creek. It is located entirely in Adams County.

Business Loop 72 (Jacksonville)

Business Loop 72 passes directly through Jacksonville and provides local service. it is wholly located in Morgan County.

I 74

I 74 travels generally SE across the Northern 1/2 of Illinois. I 74 enters Illinois from Bettendorf County, Iowa and exits Illinois into Vermillion County, Indiana.
I 74 travels through (West to East):

I 474

I 474 is a southern bypass of Peoria. It is located in Peoria County and Tazewell County.

I 80

I 80, also known as the Moline Expressway enters Illinois from the Quad Cites (Scott County, Iowa) and leaves Illinois for Lake County, Indiana.
I 80 travels through (West to East):

I 180

I 180 is a North-South spur that runs between Princeton and Hennepin. It travels through Bureau County and Putnam County.

I 280

I 280 is the Southern Beltway of the Quad Cities. I 280 enters Illinois from Scott County, Iowa and then travels through Rock Island County and Henry County before rejoining I 74 and I 80.

I 88

I 88 is a west to east interstate that begins after its departure from I 80 near the Quad Cities and terminates near Chicago.
I 88 travels through (West to East):

I 90

  • I 90 begins at the Wisconsin State line and travels generally SE towards the Chicago area and ends as it enters Indiana. Much if it is part of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway once it diverges from I 39 in Rockford and ceases to be a tollway near O'Hare Int'l Airport

I 190

  • I 190 is a service spur that connects O'Hare Int'l Airport with I 90 and is located entirely in Cook County

I 290

Known as the Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway begins on the NW side of the Chicago Area as it leaves I 90 in Rolling Meadows and rejoins I 90 in Eastern Chicago at Congress Parkway.
I 290 travels through:

I 94

  • Much of I 94 in Illinois is part of the I 294 Tri-State Tollway, But I 94 does exist by itself for 2 Sections in Cook County interrupted by the Kennedy and Dan Ryan Expressways both in Chicago.

Toll Roads

I 39 Jane Addams Memorial Tollway

  • I 39 Tollway begins in South Beloit and Ends when it merges with I 90 and I 190 in Chicago
  • Travels Through

I 80 I 94 I 294 Tri-State Tollway

  • The Tri-State Tollway begins as the 3 Interstates enter Wisconsin and ends just prior to I 94 Entering Indiana
  • Travels through
    • Lake County
      • Intersecting Roads
        • US 41 in Waukegan
    • Cook County
      • Intersecting Roads
        • US 6 in Markham
        • US 12, US 20 and US 45 in Hickory Hills
        • I 55 in Indian Head Park
        • I 88 in Hillside
        • I 290 and US 20 in Berkeley
        • I 90 in Rosemount
        • US 14 in Des Plaines

I 88 Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway

I 355 Veterans Memorial Tollway

  • I 355 Tollway begins at I 290 in Itasca and Terminates at I 80 in New Lenox
  • Travels Through
  • Intesects with
    • I 55 in Bolingbrook
    • I 88 in Downers Grove

Primary Population Centers


The Chicagoland area is felt to be the following counties:
Cook County DuPage County Will County Lake County McHenry County Kane County Kendall County Grundy County Kankakee County
Chicagoland also includes the following Indiana Counties:
Lake County Porter County
Chicagoland also includes the following Wisconsin Counties:
Kenosha County Racine County
Public Safety communications within the Chicagoland area are a veritable cornucopia of systems: VHF (Analog and P25), UHF (Analog and P25), 800 (Analog and P25), every type of trunked system available and even some new systems that have yet to be understood.
Within the city of Chicago most day to day operations by the Police and Fire departments are Analog UHF with a CTCSS.
Suburbs of Chicago conduct their public safety either through a county operated PSAP, a consolidated PSAP or a City operated PSAP.
The CARMA site is your best option for understanding Chicagoland scanning.


DuPage County Kane County Will County


The Rockford metro area is in Boone County and Winnebago County.
Public Safety communications in the Rockford area are a mixed bag. Rockford Police and Boone County Sheriffs Office use STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois. Boone County Fire Dispatch, Winnebago County Sheriffs Office and Fire Dispatch use analog VHF. Rockford Fire uses analog UHF.


The Springfield metro are is in Sangamon County and Menard County.
Public Safety communications in this Metro area vary. Springfield Fire uses Springfield Fire/Public Works/CWLP, an 800 Mhz Motorola Type II system, while Law Enforcement in Sangamon County are on STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois while Sangamon County rural fire operations are on analog VHF as are all Menard County operations.


Peoria County


Cook County Kane County

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